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Hello :lol:

I am curious---what are the benefits of Cocoa Butter and Black soap?

And who has used them w/what results? (Did it work, or did not work, etc?)

I have stretch marks on my bum (from being a very fat baby) and breakouts on my face w/scars.....so wondering if these would be good!!!




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    I've never heard of Black soap, and i haven't tried cocoa butter for reducing the appearance of scars (works great for moisturizing though), but i also went through a couple of years of bad skin and picking scabs (honestly, i know it's bad, but i just can't help it...) and I've found an all-natural product that works REALLY well for getting rid of the scars, or at least really reducing the appearance of them. It is Derma E Scar Gel; here's the website: http://www.dermae.net/siteFrame.asp and the ingredients are: Purified Water, Onion Extract (Allicin), Glycerin, Allantoin, DL-Panthenol, Carbormer-940, Methylparaben, TEA, I. Urea, Fragrant Oils. It is a bit expensive (I bought mine through a co-op for $15 for 2 oz), and it does take what can seem like an eternity to see clear results (2 months for me, applied once at night b4 I went to sleep), but it really is a great product. Also, Vitamin E oil worked well for getting rid of both scabs and scars for me. Good luck! :)
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    I have used the African Black Soap (imported from Ghana) that is sold at www.undergroundscentplant.com and it is very nice. Has just a nice, clean soap smell with no other fragrance added. It's slightly grainy and a good exfoliant. The proprietor of that site lists the different uses and the things it is supposed to help with (acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, dry skin, etc.). Not sure it's a "miracle" product or anything, but quite nice and good if you prefer a soap that doesn't have a heavy fragrance.
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    I've used several brands of black soap before, and I'm still rather impressed that each kind always cleared my skin of any acne I had. After I used the soap for a few months, I noticed that my acne scars were fading as well--and a year after I started using the soap, the scars were completely gone.

    The only downside to using the black soap is that it can be drying to my skin. If my skin becomes very dry, I just use the soap every other day. This usually isn't an issue, though, as my skin can be very oily to begin with.

    My mother swears by using cocoa butter to fade scars and help remove stretch marks, but I've never used it for that purpose so I don't know if it will work.

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