Dry Frizzy Hair- But Oily Roots

Hi! I have an issue. I have 2b hairtype with extremely dry and frizzy hair. However, I also have extremely oily roots and dandruff (I wash my hair every other day and use a shampoo mix of harsh dandruff shampoo and the OGX coconut milk)
Nothing I do can get rid of the frizz, but if I quit shampoo or use too much conditioner, my scalp gets oily and flakey, and my waves are weighed down.
Any suggestions?


  • YellingYelling Registered Users Posts: 1
    Do you know what kind of water is in your home? I have well water, so in the past, I often would have a lot of build up on my scalp but no moisture would reach the rest of my hair and it would be extremely frizzy, stringy, and dry from the middle to ends. But my scalp would be so oily and never feel fully clean! Maybe your shampoo is also too harsh? I would try to use a hard water clarifying treatment if you haven't yet! I would also try something with EDTA if the issue is your water

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