3A Haircut

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I have been struggling to love my curls for over a year now. When they are long it's too big but when the are short I get the triangle shape. I am going for a cut Tuesday and was wondering if anyone had tips! My hair is curliest at the ends, so from my scalp it is more of a wave until about my ears, then my curls are about 3/4-1" in diameter. Currently my hair is about 3" past my shoulders. I am pretty sure I want to add some shorter layers especially in the front to frame my face better. But any tips would be helpful! So many google images are CLEARLY not natural curls!


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    3a hair typically does not start to curl at the root, but down further.

    i would avoid short layers.

    here is a thread started by a hair stylist many years ago and has great info--

    good luck!

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    @rbb oh interesting! I feel like I have been getting “triangle head” with my longer layers so i thought shorter would help. Maybe I just need a good face framing! It’s strange because my hair used to be curlier at the top and I think the looser more wavy hair I have now makes things tricky!

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