Salon color- how to stay no poo?

reensjpreensjp Registered Users Posts: 9 Curl Neophyte
I've been using Deva products for almost a month now, and LOVING it! I'm still trying to find the right ratio for styling product, and some days are better than others in terms of style, but overall I am rediscovering my CG side. I do get my hair professionally colored, and I was wondering what you all do when it comes time for them to wash the color out. I just had it done, and didn't say anything when she washed it. What I have noticed is my color looks better, and isn't washing out as quickly (I go red, and it normally fades SO fast!)


  • BrittCurlyBrittCurly Registered Users Posts: 5 Curl Neophyte
    Hey! I'm a licensed stylist and a curly girl myself! (Happen to have my hair dyed as well - usually a mid-level red violet). I use DevaCurl's No Poo Decadence line and switch it up with Girl+Hair products. Whenever I first do the color though, I use a regular color-safe shampoo just to ensure everything is shampooed out enough. (Most of my curly clients who only co-wash still use a shampoo when first rinsing the color application out. ) I do tend to use a toner on the ends though so that helps balance the pH back out and helps with fading.
  • reensjpreensjp Registered Users Posts: 9 Curl Neophyte
    Thanks Britt!  I noticed that the color is fading WAY less as well (I'm a red) without using regular shampoo! 

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