Chocolate party!!

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A bunch of my friends and I are getting together Friday to watch movies and eat chocolate... yummy. :D Does anyone have a unique/favorite recipie for something chocolately? The main staples will be there... brownies, cookies, etc. but I want to be different. Thanks for your help!
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    Fudge! :D

    I'll find the recipe....I used to have a homeade one that tasted like Mr. Goodbar! :P

    Sorry! I couldn't find the recipe....I haven't had fudge in a really long time. But another suggestion is chocolate fondue with fruits like strawberries and bananas for dipping!

    check out .

    HTH! :)

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    That's so funny. Just two weeks ago I had a "Decadently Delicious Desserts (made with Chocolate) Party. is great for recipes.

    I made chocolate cups with homemade mousse (came out fabulous)
    Chocolate Royale Cheesecake
    Warm Chocolate Fantasy (a type of cake in individual ramekins with a soft gooey center)

    Plus others...the 1st and 3rd desserts are from A lot of their recipes look fabu but are really effortless.

    Enjoy! We all (men and women) had a great time!

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    Mix up some powdered sugar, cocoa and a little warm water till you get a modestly thick icing, then dunk the strawberries in.
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