A curl question

Escapist02Escapist02 Registered Users Posts: 6 Curl Neophyte
Hello all,

So, I have 3b hair and have been embracing my curls for about 5 months. I just wanted to ask, whether others have noticed that the curls are much tighter on top and the ones close to my neck are straighter.
This is normal, right?



  • StephC79StephC79 Registered Users Posts: 99 Curl Connoisseur
    Mine is much tighter at the neck but I've definitely seen lots of curlies saying their hair is straighter at the nape.
    3A with tight ringlet underlayer.
    Mixed porosity, medium texture and density.

    Cleaner - Shea Moisture fruit fusion shampoo, Maui Moisture curl quench shampoo, cleansing conditioner.
    Conditioner - L'Oreal Botanicals safflower conditioner.
    P/T - Curl Junkie repair me
    D/T - Shea Moisture manuka honey or fruit fusion mask
    Styling - Paul Mitchell round trip, Paul Mitchell super sculpt glaze, Paul Mitchell sculpting foam.
  • Escapist02Escapist02 Registered Users Posts: 6 Curl Neophyte
    Okay, thanks a lot :) It helps to know that!

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