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I am a male with type 3b hair. My hair is pretty long and I realized that I can no longer go to a barber shop. I want to promote my growth and look good at the same time. Please give me suggestions on where to go and how to get my hair cut/trimmed. Also any product knowledge that you think I should have. Thank you!


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    Hi, I would recommend reading this book. It is full of great detail or you can skim it for a fabulous overview. Having found this site is a huge help as well but the book will give you a great foundation to build upon.

    Don't let the title put you off. Everything in there applies to men's hair as well.

    About finding a stylist in your area, you can go to this link and put in your zip code to locate a stylist near you. Or you can do what others do and post the question in a separate "Salon/Stylist Chatter" thread with a title of "Stylist recommendations - [ name of city ]"

    I found my first curl specialist through the devacurl website---their listings are not always up-to-date BUT she turned me on to several other devacurl specialists and now I know several I can go to, which is nice. I'm sold out to their method of cutting curly hair. I used only their products for years but am beginning to branch out and try new curlcentric products.

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