Help! Bump on scalp, pic link

SuggahboogahSuggahboogah Registered Users Posts: 3
Hi all, I joined recently to get help for my daughter's type 3c hair care. Now a new problem.... She complained she found a bump in her hair. After searching I found it, it's not huge, she says it doesn't hurt (unless I mess with it). Idk if it's an ingrown hair, inflamed or infected follicle or what. I tried warm/hot compress on it a few times and it doesn't affect it at all, it hasn't gotten bigger or smaller. Does anyone know what it is or how to treat it? Do I call her doc?

Link to pic


  • SpicyPapitasSpicyPapitas Registered Users Posts: 18 Curl Novice
    It looks like a pigmentless mole. I have an identical one on the top of my head. Your daughter's looks like an ordinary mole to me, but you can have her pediatrician take a look at it during her next appointment to give you some peace of mind.

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