have I been wrong to exclude volume-marketed stylers?

I have been reviewing some of my favorite products and noticed quite a few of them are marketed for body or volume. Being Gutsy thickening cream, for example, is an awesome cream in winter. HE Body Envy has done SO much better for me that HE SMU.

Now I'd say, for me, this only applies to some stylers. I can't use volumizing conditioners because I have super-porous, thirsty hair, and volumizing/body conditioners are waaaayyy too light for me. And mousses have no control. I've also had to watch out for how the styler creates volume because many volume-driven products have drying alcohols, coco betaine (a surfactant that, when left on the hair, roughs it up to create volume) and waxes (to create texture).

But I do think I've been hasty to exclude so many products prematurely. Yes, I have a lot of hair. I have feared "big 80s hair" that so easily explodes on my head. But many of these products are using panthenol (vitamin B5, a good moisture source that's fairly anti-inflammatory) or wheat protein (curl boosting) to create the goal of volumeous bulk, and inadvertently are helping my curls along.

Do you think I'm being too impulsive to suddenly include these stylers in my testing and experimentation? Or do you think I've been missing one of the great curly secrets out there for wavies and 3as?
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    I've avoided them because I honestly thought none of them actually did what they "promised", besides a lot of them having bad ingredients.sorry-3.gif
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    I think you should definitely include these in your experimentation! I run anywhere between a wavy and a 3a and Abba Weightless Gel works better than any gel I've used so far. It's touted as "Volumetherapy", but it is also very curl-enhancing on me, gives me shine and also great body and volume. It's a definite HG for me.
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    Well, I always avoided anything that had Volume in the title, because I felt like I have enough free form volume.

    Then I was looking at some gels, Aussie I think, and really the ingredients were all pretty much the same. The volume gel worked better for me than the others I tried. :?

    And I've been getting better results from JoiWhip than I expected.

    So I've been rethinking the whole volume-avoidance thing. But I don't have porous hair, or tons of hair. Most of my hair is pretty fine, so that's why I think the volume products are working for me. Also, the ones that I've tried have also had a "hold" component.

    I've tried a few volume-oriented conditioners and frankly I couldn't tell the difference.
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    The volume stylers are different from the volume conditioners or shampoos I think. I can't usually use volume conditioners but the stylers do fine.

    Now I"m sure there is some conditioner out there that will prove me wrong but I try them because I love volume and it jsut leaves me dry.

    Now Abba weightless, lovely gel for me, HEBE also does me real well. I think the AW is so light weight it lets me curl real well but it's a strong hold so I still get that.
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    I tried a few volume stylers & conditioners in the long-distant past but never had any increase in volume, and I have fine 2-3-ish hair.

    I see ABBA Weightless Gel did give some more volume, but I don't think I got any or I'd still be using it, if it weren't so drying. I think I tried the one from Aussie & it did nothing. I definitely used a mousse from Joico, the Ice type, & PM's mousse for volume & neither did anything for me. I have Rusk Being Gutsy & didn't notice any volume increase. But then I've only used it a couple times.

    So, thinking they're all a bunch of hype is just one of the reasons I gave up looking at volume-inducing stylers.
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    I don't think it's that the products give volume but that they work in general. I don't get volume with HEBE I just get good curls and enough hold.
    Abba only gives me a little more volume because it's light. It's just a matter of not weighing my hair down.

    I generally don't get volume from products made specifically for it but sometimes they're still good products........... just not for what they're intended to do :D
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    I say screw the label claims. Anything with good ingredients is worth a try.
    Buying by the product claims rarely works for me but going by ingredients, no matter what the bottle says other than that, has led me to many more interesting and useful finds. :)

    I want more volume but I find that most stuff labled volumizing doesn't quite deliver. Some of those products do deliver good hair though. Of course many are just loaded with drying ingredients to rough 'n fluff the "volume" in so you have to be careful. And then there's the fact that many companies will slap different labels on nearly the same thing (or the exact same thing just re-released) to get more people to buy it. :P

    Now that I know more about ingredients (due in large part to all the fabulous information I've found on here ;) ) I pretty much ignore what the products are intended to do and just read the ingredients list on just about anything I come across to see if I think it's worth a shot or not.
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    that's a great idea to ignore what the label says and just read the LOI , that would open up so many more products for me, I tend to only look for stuff that is marketed for curly hair.
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    Laurabeth, that's interesting that you mentioned this because I have always found that a lot of the styling products that tend to work better for me ARE labeled as volumizing. And my hair already has TONS of volume on it's own but I don't find that they increase my volume any more than usual. Whereas "curly haired" labeled products almost never work for me. EX: Totally twisted mouse and gel, yuck! but Body envy mouse and gel work so much better for me. Go figure! :?
    I agree with meriellyn, I base my purchase more on ingredients than on what the label says and that seems to work better for me.
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