changes i think 3a, 3b, 3c which one do i treat it as

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these pictures are huge i warn you

My parents tried to figure out my hair but failed and now im an adult and in charge of my hair. They got it relaxed every 1-2 years because the knots were unbearable. Im unsure which im supposed to go off of or what it even is or how to treat mixed hair since they mostly treated it like it was type 1-2. Just give me as much as you can think of, i need it lmao. I comb my hair with conditioner in and then after im done in the shower and leave it in a bun until it dries (which takes 4-5 days). But besides that i do nothing else. Im afraid to mess up my hair since i have no idea how to do it. I live in midwest, so that's the weather

Florida with heat, humidity, and sea water

last year around the end of it being relaxed

rbl5qs.jpg its natural state washed and dried partially in a bun, with a little exposure free in the 70-80 degree weather right now. This is usually how it looks with the relaxers


this is it still wet if that helps!!


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    If I leave my hair in a bun it'll take days to dry too. I don't think you can bundle up your hair like that and expect it to dry in a few hours. If it takes that long to dry though, even in a bun your hair may be low porous.

    I would look up information regarding low porous hair. I learned the hard way that curl pattern doesn't matter as much as how porous your strands are, how thick they are etc. Especially if your hair is pretty much all in the type 3 range. I can say about the same for my hair as well considering my mixed textures/heritage but overall its low porous and fine so I can treat most of it the same. I only change the way I treat it based on how porous parts of my hair are.

    You have nice curl definition but I think a leave in conditioner would be nice so you can keep the moisture in your hair. I thought I was using a leave in for the first year I decided to go natural but it turned out it was just a styling cream haha. I think some people leave a bit of their conditioner in their hair and seal with an oil if you want to start small.

    If it turns out your hair is low porous, you may want to invest in a shampoo that is clarifying down the road to remove build up. This will add definition and allow products to penetrate your hair easier. Considering the fact that there is a sale on the site's store right now, I would go on that site to see if any leave in's appeal to you. If there aren't any reviews or enough to satisfy your curiousity about a product, look it up on Amazon to see what other people say about it.
    3B with a little 3C mixed in. My hair's porosity is on the low, low. Fine, medium density. Finally reached shoulder length!

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    If you still have knots in your hair now I would suggest looking into a deep conditioner as well. With the right slip and added moisture, it'll be easier to detangle and you'll have less knots down the road. Once I started doing that it cut down my shower time significantly. Now, the comb just glides through my hair.
    3B with a little 3C mixed in. My hair's porosity is on the low, low. Fine, medium density. Finally reached shoulder length!


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