Shea Moisture Mankua Honey & Mafura oil custard review

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I have extremely dry hair and find it hard to find products that not only give me moisture but also definition. I tried the Shea Moisture product a few days ago when I recieved it and even did a twist out. My twist outs are usually a fail, but this time there was definition. I'm on the third day of my twist out and there's still definition.

Also there is moisture, my hair is soft, not dry and brittle. When I uses the product, I already had other products in my hair. My goal is next time to try the product on it's own. I have a feeling that it will work even better by itself. It's a product that I would consider picking up in stores. I want to wait until I try it on freshly washed hair before I decide whether it's a buy.

It's smells great. I even had a work crush tell me that he likes my hair which is a big plus. I think when guys notice something like your hair, it's a good sign. I usually struggle with my hair, but I haven't really struggled while using this custard. I don't know if I've already mentioned before but I've never bought a Shea Moisture product. This is the first time owning one of their products. I'm not curious to try some of their other products to see how they would work on my hair.

I have low porosity hair, so I dread using thick creams in my hair because they just sit there and build a residue. Not this product, it almost immediately goes into my hair shafts and penetrates. My hair usually looks dull and lifeless to me, but right now it looks darker, healthier and shiny. I am extremely happy with the results.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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