SeaMollient vs. Irish moss (aka Carageenan)

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When searching the threads for something new to add to my flaxseed/okra gel, I stumbled across an ancient thread (2009) praising the results of SeaMollient. In looking up the ingredients of this mix in, it appears it is just Irish Moss (carageenan).

"Seamollient binds moisture and hydrates skin and hair.
Leaves a skin-tightening effect on the skin.
Benefit Summary
* Marine-derived from Irish Moss (chrondus crispus)
* Lends an improved feel to virtually any finished product
* Sustained skin moisturization
This does contain .01-1% of propylene glycol
Gel Products: 20-50%
Creams and Lotions: 10-30%
Shampoos and Other Hair Products: 5-20%
INCI: Water (and) Algae Extract"

Can anyone explain how this product differs from a standard Irish moss gel? Or why one is better than the other?
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    I would love to know the answer to this as well!
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    I did some searching.  It looks likes SeaMollient is a chemical made by BASF, it does not appear to be approved for food use, but carageenan is.  It seems like they are both seeweed derivatives, but the SeaMollient has proplene gylcol.  
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