Terminal Length - Is it real or can you beat it?

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I'm in a hair rut, so bear with me!

Been natural about 6 years and successfully grew my hair from shoulder length to bra strap length after about a year and a half of protective styling with wigs.I enjoyed cute natural styling for a year about 2 years, protective styling mostly for the winter months. Last year after realizing I hadn't retained an inch of length in 2 years, I decided to try another protective style challenge to see if I could go from bra strap to waist length.

I decided to embark on a 2 year challenge at the end of which I hoped to gain 10-11 inches of length (assuming regular trims every 4-6 months). However year 1 is up and I am still at bra strap! My bi weekly routine is pretty good - I pre-poo, use co wash or sulfate free shampoo, detangle and deep condition, then moisturize, seal and set my hair in flat twists and wear wigs. My twists are never that tight just because I'm not good at flat twisting and I apply castor oil to my edges daily and spritz the twists and apply oil every other day.

Is there anything else I can do to speed growth/retain length, or could BSL be my terminal length? I am a healthy, fit woman who drinks 80-100 oz of water daily and works out 4-5x a week. I have tried various hair growth supplements but most are not an option bc they cause severe cystic acne. Feeling totally lost so please help!

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