3/4 White, 1/4 Black Curls

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I'm seriously struggling with my hair. I'm 3/4 white and 1/4 black. Trying to manage it for school is reall hard, it ends up knotting very very easily. I usually use coconut oil and wash it out with a coconut conditioner, which worked fine for a while but doesn't seem to be working a lot anymore. I use a diffuser which helps a bit but only for a little while longer. I also have a lot of issues getting volume at the roots, but not so much volume that I have permanent bed-head. I have the Ors Olive Oil Hair Lotion which I haven't used yet for fear of it not agreeing with my hair. Any help would be appreciated!


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    The olive oil lotion is suuuuuper heavy and thick and will leave your hair greasy and flat! I am a similar mix to you as my dad is white, and my mom is Hispanic mixed black. As for the knotting of your hair, I would recommend ordering a seven-pack of the Aussie Moist conditioner on Amazon for only $17! I use a ton of this conditioner before I wash my hair just to detangle, and not to moisturize. It has sooooo much slip and just melts tangles away. The seven pack is a great deal and will last you a long time, and you won't have to be scared to use too much of it! As far as the coconut oil, you probably have a lot of buildup that's flattening your hair. I would recommend using a clarifying shampoo or diluted apple cider vinegar to get rid of the volume killing buildup once a month. Cantu has $6 clarifying apple cider vinegar shampoo that I have heard great things about. You should use the coconut oil with a deep conditioner once a week before you wash your hair as a treatment, not as a styler. Now for products, I personally like using a light leave-in conditioner (never applied to the roots) along with a bit of argan oil on my ends for definition and shine. The argan oil is very lightweight. OGX has a diluted argan oil mist that is cheap. I also really like Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus line of styling products for my curls, especially the Curl and Style Milk. Personally, when I diffuse my curls I get more volume, but less curl definition. I usually let my curls air dry, and then shake my roots with my fingers and flip my hair a bit. I let my hair dry parted on the side opposite to the side I want to wear it on. That way when It drys I can flip it over for more volume. Sorry for how long this was, hope it helps! 
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    I feel like julianaKMG gave great advice! Another way to find products that work for you may be to go on YouTube and watch curly girls who have the same texture as you! Hif3licia and BiancaReneeToday may be helpful, they have a lot of great videos!! It helped me to look at what other curly girls with the same hair were using and then see if their regimen would work for me 😊

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