How often to cleanse/cowash?

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Hi, I've just come across the curly girl method and really want to give it a try. I reckon i have type 2b-c hair. Normally I wash and condition my hair every 3 days. So following the naturally curly method, should I wash with conditioner every 3 days? Or wash every day with water/water and conditioner? Or can I just put my hair up on the inbetween days? Thanks!


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    It will depend on your hair. But I don't even use sulfate free shampoo without deep conditioning afterwards which I only have time for on the weekends. So I usually cowashing midweek (typically Wednesday). Then I use a shampoo on the weekends and follow up with a deep conditioner. Cowashing will remove sweat and minor dirt and oil build up.
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    As BrittanyM said, it will depend on your hair. Some people's hair gets greasy faster with co-washing, in which case you would probably want to co-wash more frequently or else stop co-washing altogether and use a sulfate-free poo instead. On nonwash days, you can either just wear your hair up, or you can wet it down in the shower without doing anything more, or you can spritz your hair with a little water to try to refresh the curl. It's really just trial and error to find what works for you.
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    Thanks so much! I'll give it a go and see what happens! :)

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