Motorcycle Wavies?

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I have short 2C hair. I ride my motorcycle everyday, as it is my only vehicle.

Nothing ruins a good hair day like my helmet. I can go from defined, frizz-free curls and ringlets to stick straight to loosely wavey hair. Between the friction of taking my helmet on and off, and the helmet forcing my hair flat against my head, I feel like I can never have a good curl day on days I need to use my vehicle.

I have tried using a bandanna, but that does not help. Maybe a silk scarf tied around my head? Or taking out the helmet liner and sewing silk on top of it?

Please lend me advice and tell me any tricks you may have!


  • bomegabomega Registered Users Posts: 1,355 Curl Virtuoso
    The silk scarf could work. The Sciency Hair Blog has a template for making a liner for winter could try that.

    It's been 20 years since I rode, but back then I had a great curly-pixie cut, which only benefited from the helmet head. I think I used to some sort of oil/pomade combination for styling. I got compliments left and right. It still looked good without wearing a helmet though. Perhaps you could talk to your hair dresser about a helmet-friendly cut.

    Alternatively perhaps keeping a refresher in your bag to use when you get where you are going?
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    I have 3b hair cut into a Bob and nothing works for me. If I go out on my bike my hair is utterly ruined, sweaty and squashed flat.
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