Hi everyone! Newbie here with tons of hair probs

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Hi! My name is Ivy and I have 2c-3a hair (med. density and low porosity.) It's pretty long right now but I'm going to have it trimmed dry pretty soon. A bit about my hair- I always had lots and lots of frizz. My hair used to just POOF. My mother had straight hair and had no idea how to care for my hair. So the flat iron was always the first option. After hearing about the cg method and whatnot I'm super interested in my hair. I used to seriously hate my hair...a lot. Straightening it whenever possible. Now I'm in love with my hair and haven't straightened it since September 2016. I don't use any heat (besides very light diffusing). My hair journey is going well but I do have a few problems- CONDITIONING. No conditioner I've used has cooperated with my hair needs. (Yes they were sulfate, silicone, paraben, etc free) I'm so stuck guys. I need bounce, moisture, and softness to my hair. Bounce being my top priority. I'm super stuck on conditioner options for my hair. (I low-poo btw) Devacurl products are just way too expensive for me right now so that's off the table. I want to try something that will work with my hair maybe shae moisture or mop-top or something else. I'm not sure which product I would even start with in the shea moisture options. please help, wavy/curly girls!!!!!


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    Is your hair coarse or fine?
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    Hi! My hair is between fine and coarse but more on the coarse side.
  • IvyswavesIvyswaves Registered Users Posts: 3
    Therese1 wrote: »
    Is your hair coarse or fine?
    Hi! My hair is between fine and coarse but more on the coarse side.
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    I like the manuka honey and mafura oil line from Shea Moisture the best. I find it ultra hydrating, particularly the masque. It does have some protein, so if you're protein sensitive, beware. Also, it is a heavier product, so if your hair gets weighed down easily, perhaps read reviews first.
    Another conditioner I like is the Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm from Sally's. It has excellent slip for detangling. It is fatty alcohol based. I'm still deciding on the moisturizing factor, but it's in my regimen for the detangling factor.
    That's just my suggestion based on what works for my thirsty bleached hair. Best of luck!

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