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Devacut in Orange County CA?

mj_met_lilmj_met_lil Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi! Does anyone know of a good stylist that can do cool layered fringe cut? I have been to CurlsOnTop and I wasn't happy with the cut at all. I'm trying to find someone locally so I don't have to drive all the way to LA. Thanks!


  • CLO_SurvivorCLO_Survivor Posts: 3Registered Users
    I live in Irvine and I've been looking for a curly hair stylist too. I also went to Curls on Top and wasn't happy. I cannot understand why it is so hard to find someone in "The OC"
    I don't even have any curly friends. Would you like to be "Curlfriends" and maybe together we can find someone? I do have a consultation set up with a Deva stylist and can let you know what I think about her. By the way, your layered cut you're wanting sounds cute. I've been thinking of something like that. Do you have any pictures of what you're looking for? I'd love to see them.
    And, I'll let you know how my consultation goes. This is only my second time on this forum so I'm not sure how to exchange personal information so we could contact each other and find a good stylist. I can also share my search results with you. Let me know if you want to talk or meet.
  • mj_met_lilmj_met_lil Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi! I have talked to SO MANY stylists in the OC (and tried a couple). Ever since moving from NYC it has been almost impossible to find one that does a fun cut and knows what he/she is doing. I actually found a stylist on Instagram, but she is based in San Diego. If you look me up in Instagram, we can chat. My username is mj_met_lil
  • CLO_SurvivorCLO_Survivor Posts: 3Registered Users
    I'm glad to hear from you. Have you ever talked to anyone at Salon Savauge in Laguna Niguel? I went in last Thursday and had a consultation with Virginia based on some reviews. Because I'm prematurely grey, I need to get frequent root touch ups every few weeks so I'm looking for both a curly stylist and someone who can do my color as well. I also have a complex medical history and she really listened to everything that I had to say. I'm going to see her again tomorrow to get my color done only and take it from there to see what she thinks my hair needs are, and see how she styles it after the color. You might want to talk to her, if you haven't already.
    I've also searched LA and San Diego but it's soooo far to go. I've heard Shai at Capella Salon in LA is one of the best but I guess it really comes down to how far you want to go.
    Unfortunately, believe it or not, I'm not on Instagram to message you. I'm on disability and being on IG, Facebook, etc. is a HUGE red flag to the "powers that be" and people have had their disability benefits cut off because of it. It's so sad but true. It leaves me pretty isolated.
    I did have a good feeling about Virginia and she said she's getting ready to take the next level Deva courses. I think you should look her up on both Google and Yelp. I saw a lot of her work on Yelp and think she's really familiar with curly hair. I also saw pictures of her daughters Her daughter very gorgeous curly hair which she also cuts. Virginia Gonzales at Salon Savage (or is it Savauge) in Laguna Niguel.
    Good luck and let me know, Kay?
  • CLO_SurvivorCLO_Survivor Posts: 3Registered Users
    Is there another way we can connect outside of INSTAGRAM?
    I don't know how to leave my contact information on this site privately, do you?
  • rbbrbb Posts: 4,205Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    you can "pm" each other on this site. click on the username, then click on "pm" private message.

    3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity :-(
    washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: curl junkie products
    leave in:curl junkie conditioners and treatments as leave in
    styling: curl junkie 
    sealants - jane carter nourish & shine

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