Toddler girl 3B curls? Please help

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Okay so first picture is without product, Second is with product, and the third is after nights sleep.. I believe she is 3B from the pictures I saw on the intitial set up to make an account on here. Her curls started forming around 3 months but I didn't start taking 'care' of them until about 9 months of age. I stopped shampooing, and only used my fingers to 'comb' them out.

As of recently my girlfriend bought us a wet brush and I have been using that one her hair in the shower. Should I stop? Does the wet brush harm hair? It takes so much time off going through her hair, I love it but do not want to damage her hair. We only wash her hair every 3-4 days or so, so not a lot. I use cantu kids custard, and Eden Kids Coco Shea for a detangling spray, and water. Should I be doing anything else? Recently I have started to braid her hair before bed and that has helped with knotting. Are there in holy grail detangling sprays out there? I think that is my biggest want out of this is finding help with detangling sprays and any other tips. Thank you!!!!

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