DevaCurl and Newbie Help Needed!!

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I have mid-shoulderblade length, with layers and bangs (which i straighten), strawberry blonde, thick, wavy (with a hopeful potential to be curly) and a lot of frizz! I just bought the book and the DevaCurl RED No-Poo, One Conditioner and the Angell and MisterRight Spray. And the CurlEase Towel. ( I might have overly indulged in the my new curl attempt :D ) So my question is Now What? As of Saturday(march 31), I have begun a modifed CG routine including the conditioner on the bottom half of hair, then the no-poo on my scalp, rinse, more conditioner all over, a quick comb thru with a large tooth comb, and another rinse. Then when i get out of the shower i blot dry with the curlease towel and add DC Angell and then i wrap it up for a bit while I brush my teeth and do my makeup. What else or what should I not be doing? I have defenitly noticed an increase in wavy goodness but its still pretty frizzy. I made a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of the Angell and MisterRight so I have a spray gel, just not sure what to do with it. Also, how often should I use the no-poo on my scalp? If i use just the devacurl stuff for awhile do i still need to clarify, and if so, how and with what? I think most of my frizz is in the canopy. is it really bad to blow dry? has anyone tried the defuser on curlmart (the cheap plastic cone with the curl things in it?) I have never been a big fan of blowdrying in general but im just wondering if it has the potential to be better for wavy or not. I suppose thats all my questions right now! Im sure Ill post more as the weeks go on and I figure out what my hair is really like, hopefully for the best!!
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    I can't help with all the questions, but here's a couple more things to throw out there to think about.

    I'm assuming the Deva products the first things you've tried after going CG or modified CG? If so, you might have to try some other products. I couldn't use the Angell as it made my hair frizzy and gunky-feeling. You can check the Reader Product Review board to get some ideas on other products that are pretty popular.

    I would think you would need to clarify no matter what you use as sometimes the hair just needs to "begin again" ever so often. You can use a clarifying shampoo (Suave has one) or an "ACV" - apple cider vinegar rinse. Mix 1-2 tblsp. in 2-4 cups of water is what I use (plus I only keep the white vinegar on hand so that's what I use).

    Diffusing the hair is less harmful than straight blowdrying. I have just a cheapy bowl diffuser I got at Walmart. Diffusing can help give you volume if you need it. You can try different variations - air dry for awhile, then diffuse, diffuse then finish air drying, etc. Air drying is usually best, but since it can take a long time for hair to dry, I think most of us diffuse for at least part of the drying time.

    Hopefully you'll get some more responses. But don't hesitate asking because that's what the forum is for :).
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    Thanks for the help! I just bought the [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] so I will try that to. I used it this morning with the Angell and I have really nice, pretty much frizz free curls on my right side. Not to sure what happen to the left side though :)

    Is clarifying once a week or so enough?[/b]
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