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I'm a bi-racial child with thick course curly hair.I live with my grandmother who does my hair as we try to manage it.Sometimes I see girls with curly hair and they have beautiful curls and I sometimes wish my hair was like that.

Now when I was age 10-12 I would straighten my hair a lot leading to heat damage.I hated my natural hair and thought it was ugly or too puffy.Now since I've grown up I love my natural hair but my curls aren't really as defined as they used to be when I was ages 3-9.

I really want my curls back but my grandmother put a relaxer on it and I'm scared.I feel like my hair is straight and all my curls are gone.After this I honestly wanna start going natural and embrace my curls.

The questions I'm asking is...

How do I get my curls back (without the big chop)?What products should I use to enhance curls and keep my hair moisturized?

(Btw I put my hair as type 2b I believe because I'm not sure what my hair type is I just went by the picture.)


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    Hi Clomonkey,

    Welcome to nc.com. Congrats to you for deciding to embrace your hair texture at your age. Many people spend their youth wishing for something else until they arrive at the self-acceptance, and some people never do. The decision to do so is empowering and self-affirming, and will only help you from here on out. :)

    Are you at all familiar with the Curly Girl Method (from Lorraine Massey's book)? Although many people follow a modified version of this, for the most part the principles are really helpful to caring for curly hair. There are articles around NC.com about it (which is how I learned about it), and you can probably find the book at the library. At a minimum, from now on avoid sulfates and silicones to give your hair a chance to start recovering.

    In addition, to care for your hair, you will want to start buy determining your hair properties (fine/med/coarse, density, porosity). Here is a website the helped me figure out mine. (Note: Usually hair that is damaged is high porosity.) ETA: Ok, I just re-read your post and saw that you said you that coarse, thick hair. Knowing that will help you in working out your routine. Rockyn Curls (blog listed below) has hair kind of like that, so you might want to check out her website first for ideas.

    One of the major things to focus on when trying to recover from heat damage and relaxers is giving your hair protein to recover and keeping your hair moisturized for health, which basically involves moisturizing conditioners and deep treatments. There is a balance to be achieved between protein and moisture.

    There are a lot of resources on the internet where you can learn more about this and how to care for your hair. Some that have helped me:
    Sciency Hair Blog: Such a great resource. She has an article about protein v. moisture. She also has a hair test she sells through Etsy (click the Goosefootprints image on her website) for info about your hair properties plus products/tips for your hair properties. (The full report with all the recommendations is $35)
    Rockyn Curls: Her blog was a great resource especially for techniques when I was starting out.
    Live Curly Live Free: Another helpful resource for me.

    Hopefully that will get you started. Good luck!
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