My hair is horrible like you can't even see the curls in person..

My mom was asking me "why didn't you do your hair ?" My hair never curls . Gel is the only way it actually feels curly ... Help would be nice ... If it can't curl and be reeeaaallyy defined . I'm just gonna give up.. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet


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    If gel works, is there some reason you don't want to use it? It looks good in the picture. Maybe if you give us some idea of your routine we can make some suggestions.
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    Gel doesn't really work it just gives it a little curl.. I shampoo condition and then I put oil then gel . ;/..
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    I shampoo and conditioner it and add oil to my hair then gel when I try to curl it .. of course I pick it out before all of that . Gel doesn't really work just gives it a little curl..
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    I have a naturally loose curl pattern and I have fine textured hair and gel gives my hair added body, but nothing drastic. As, it only works to enhance what I already have nkt change it. If your looking for lots if volume and body to your hair, scrunching definitely helps, also using a diffuser will be of great help to you as well.

    You can opt to use whatever gel you find works great for you, whether it's inexpensive or not. As, the brand doesn't matter.

    I personally love and use KCCC, but you don't have to necessarily buy that gel to try. If you want to, you can however, go with what ever suits your budget. Oh and I'd recommend skipping the oil before you apply your styler and using a leave in/detangler instead. As, using oil in your hair to style it with is probably too much for your curls, and, is only weighing down your hair, adding to the effect of your hair looking more stringy than curly.

    Good luck!:thumright:
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    I don't think mines aren't really defined like ... It doesn't look curly and shiny like videos . People tell me let my hair grow but still no result ;/!

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