Advice on trimming my own hair

Hey all,

It has been 2 months since I got my curly hair cut and nearly 3 months since I stopped using flat irons (after about 13 years of at least weekly but often daily straightening).

It wasn't a true big chop, there are still parts of my hair that start with a curl but are light waves at the end due to heat damage. I would like to gradually trim my own hair every couple of months so that I eventually get some consistency. I will go back to the stylist towards the end of the year.

I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the YouTube tutorials I've seen so far - with lots of different methods being shown. Can you please advise on the best way for me to trim my own hair? I'm scared of making a mistake.

The best representation i have of my hair is immediately after my haircut. She did some finger-twirling and used a diffuser whereas I just lightly scrunch and air-dry so my curl tends to be slightly looser FYI.
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Thanks in advance x
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    i love the cut she gave you. i do even once in a while dust a curl here or there, but i would not do an entire head. i know i cannot retain the shape.

    the cut is so good that in my opinion i'd go back to her, even if you want to stretch it to 3 months to save money. and tell her that you want only a trim or dusting to retain the shape while the damage grows out. (honestly, in that picture i cannot see any damage, so her cut and style was great).

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