curly hair like Leila Arcieri

is it possible to get hair like this with rollers? i have curly hair that doesn't really fit any of the types here. I'm half Asian and half black so my hair is curly but not very well defined curls. sometimes some straggly piece are straight
i'd like to buy rollers what kind should i get if this is possible?

my hair looks like this normally...

a bit scraggly...i've tried gels and all that nothing gives me nice hair like leila, i'm using AG curl activator now with some leave in moisturizer and i scrunch while wet.


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    Woah, I see some serious resemblance! You both are very pretty. I think you could get your hair like that naturally. Read the book Curly Girl by Lorrainne Massey. Here's an informative link: /home/leaving?" class="Popup
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    thanks but it isn't me i didn't want to post a pic of me, but my hair is like that girl. thanks for the reply!! this is a good forum! i'm a newbie. anyone have suggestions for rollers??