I've noticed that a LOT of people come up to me to ask questions -- how do you get to the high schoool? -- What time is it? -- Have you seen a guy wearing a green shirt walk by? -- and I was wondering if this is caused by my curliness.
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...2C-3A with a little 2A-ness in the back... why won't the back just switch over to 3A too? CURL, you hair! CURL like your friends! *sigh*


  • Bethann20Bethann20 Registered Users Posts: 11
    I'm not sure the answer to your question, but people always approach me too. Maybe it's just me and not my hair- maybe I just look friendly. Or maybe it's just because I live in the middle of nowhere (vs. a big city) and everyone is friendly. :P

    It would be interesting to do a little experiment- straighten your hair for a bit and see what happens.
    Type 2B with some 3A spirals in the front and underneath
  • jenniferliannejenniferlianne Registered Users Posts: 1
    I get this too. People will cross the street to ask me for directions. I wonder -- what was wrong with the people on the other side of the street? Short girl / curly hair / no makeup == non-threatening.

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