No April CurlChemist article?

I always look forward to the monthly CurlChemist article, and, while I understand that every column doesn't have an article every month, I just wanted to voice that a new CurlChemist article was greatly missed.

Maybe we need to add more ingred questions to:
2b w/ some 3a
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    I was looking for a new article all yesterday and today too!

    I wish I had more intelligent & pertinent questions. I did see someone posted something here about polyquats, buildup and whether or not shampoo removes the quats.

    In the Naturally Speaking article, there's a little discussion about what makes hair curly and I got lost. I understood that there's a chemical part and a physical part, and that chemical straightening causes damage. But lately I've been wondering about what makes hair curly...why I'll have these strands that are kind of straight for an inch and then have an elbow type kink in them and then a couple of S curves. What are my folicles thinking?!

    Anyway, I too always look forward to the CurlChemist's insights and I have even recommended them to other curlies off-board when they voice product questions!
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    Not yet. She wasn't able to make her deadline this month. We're hoping to see it any day now!

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