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I am 33 and live in Nebraska. I have straightened my hair since flat irons became popular. Every once in a while I will make it curly but get frustrated when it doesn't look the same two days in a row. But-blowdrying and straightening my hair takes a long time and isn't great for my hair even though I usually only have to do it a few times a week.

I believe I have 2C hair because I have both S waves and some ringlets. It is prone to frizz and I have a ton of hair (it is long.) I have always been told (and thought) I had thick hair but this weekend a Deva inspired cosmetologist told me I have a lot of hair, but it is very fine. I feel like my life has been a lie! I followed a couple of tests and I guess I would agree.

I am here to learn more about how to get the most out of my curls and to understand what my hair wants!
High Density
Fine Texture
Prone to Frizz


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    Welcome to NC. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I thought I had course hair. Turns out it was just dry and medium. There is a ton of info available here and hopefully you can start getting a routine together and embrace your curls.
    SE PA
    2C/3A med, med density,med elasticity, high porosity color-treated
    No Poo: various VO5s testing Gliss Volumizing (keratin) for summer
    Citric acid rinse or vinegar
    RO: SM Honey Mask with agave
    Conditioner only styling with water, water and more water, or jojoba + SM Superfruit
    Styler: KCCC or Ecostyler Olive Oil occasionally
    Love most oils but can't use CO in winter

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