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The is the second time I have tried CG. The first time I used the Deva products and thought they were okay but not impressed. I fell off the band wagon for a few years while I had kids and did't have the energy to do anything but put my hair in a ponytail. This time around I would like to branch out from the Deva products and am at a complete loss on where to start. I think my hair is either 2C or 3A, low porosity, medium density, medium width, and medium length. I have stayed sulfate and silicone free since my first curly girl adventure. Currently I am using Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength Shampoo, Eden jojoBa All Natural Deep Conditioner, and Hello Curlies fluffy soft styler(which seems to be discontinued now).
The first two picture are my hair this morning fresh from my overnight buff.
0 hours front.jpg
0hours back.jpg

I feel like my hair gets flat quick and would like my curls/waves to look less stringy.

I have read so much stuff on this blog as well as Facebook groups that I feel overwhelmed with products and routines. I think I would like to start out with the "basics" but not really sure where to start. I feel like to really understand my curls I need to start with less products and then add on????? or should I start with more and take away?? I have seen so many types and brands I am just overwhelmed that I am tempted to just go to a salon and have them tell me what to do which I feel would be a costly decision that would land take me back to the Deva products.



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    I wonder if you might have build up. I think shea builds up on some people. Maybe try a clarifying shampoo with any shampoo that has sulfates and maybe try a VO5 or Suave conditioner to co-wash and you can even use some of it left in after as a leave in to start and see how it goes from there. You can add other things in slowly. I usually wait two weeks before trying anything new again. I don't have low porosity hair so I don't know that many products but I think the VO5 blackberry tea might be ok to start with. Hopefully some other LPs will chime in soon. I like your color very much.
    SE PA
    2C/3A med, med density,med elasticity, high porosity color-treated
    No Poo: various VO5s testing Gliss Volumizing (keratin) for summer
    Citric acid rinse or vinegar
    RO: SM Honey Mask with agave
    Conditioner only styling with water, water and more water, or jojoba + SM Superfruit
    Styler: KCCC or Ecostyler Olive Oil occasionally
    Love most oils but can't use CO in winter

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