Burning, Itching and Flaking

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I have 4c hair, Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet, and I've been having quite the issue maintaining a good balance of moisture. I apply oils (apricot) and oyin hair dew, and wash weekly to bi weekly but have found myself applying every day and my hair still remaining rather dry. It's gotten to the point of a constant itch, the flaking isn't severe but its there constantly as well as the itching.

My hair isn't super big, but I want to get it shoulder length, but with 4c hair I am skeptical off that being possible as people with hair like that tend to have looser curls. So I just wanna learn how to take care of it properly before I can set the goal of getting to that length.

It'd be great if any of you could provide me with sweet respite, and give products that wont break my mothers wallet, as well as fixing the itching and reoccurring drying. Maybe even get to where I don't have to apply product every day and can use less oils.

Thanks for reading, and I am open to question that can assist me with managing my head.:)


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    I know this a bit late but.....
    For itchy, dry scalp, I'd recommend something with tea tree or peppermint oil. These oils are antiseptic, nourish the scalp and give your scalp a nice tingly feeling. Pure oils can get expensive, but you can get this brand for literally $1.00-1.99 at the beauty supply store OR dollar tree. They've got other oils but it's all good. On wash day when you deep condition, just add some to your scalp (15-20 mins) to kill 2 birds with one stone. I've even added a bit to my shampoo once and it was nice. mega-care-hair-oils.jpg

    Reapplying product daily can lead to build up on hair & scalp quick and it'll be difficult to re-moisturize. I have 4a-b, thick density hair and most oils have never sealed in moisture for more than a few hours other than Jamaican black castor oil. I'd say your moisturizer is fine, but the oils aren't thick enough to keep the moisture in.

    Recently, I've started using plain old grease to seal in moisture. All the grease brands are cheap, and you can get the mini versions for $.88-1.50 to experiment. Its the mineral oil & lanolin than REALLY locks the moisture in, and they're not as bad as people say they are. A little goes a long way, and if your hair responds well, it should hold moisture for days. You're definitely gonna want to shampoo consistently if you use grease.grease-collage.png

    Hope this info helps!

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