Rant - Tresemme commercial

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I may be very late to the game in seeing this, but I'm so annoyed with this new Tresemme commercial where the girl has curly hair and makes a "poodle" reference to it, then they use Tresemme something on her hair and it is straight and then she is all happy and beautiful.

Shame on them.
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    omg when i saw that commercial i flipped!
    Her hair had an awesome curl pattern and instead of saying to straighten it, they couldve used curly products on it, it obviously had potential.

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    I don't like that commercial either. They could've found some "bad" hair to straighten if they really wanted to make their point - but this girls hair wasn't bad at all! It was a bit poofy, and looked like she had it all producty and teased, but it was cute. I can't believe they used this girl to sell the straightening stuff either.
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    I know, it made me mad too! I started ranting about it, and my BF says, "I know, you don't like Tresseme." He totally missed what made me mad, so I had to rewind to show him the commercial again. :lol: I liked her hair before too. I guess according to the writers of that commercial, we are all running around with poodle hair. :evil:
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