Razor Cutting - good or bad?

I'm interested in opinions on razor cutting for curly hair. Will it wreck my curls or make tons of frizz??

Thanks so much!!
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  • BohemianRenegadeBohemianRenegade Registered Users Posts: 1,078
    The worst hair cut of my entire life was with a razor. It left my hair with tons of fly aways and frizz. Yuck!! It took forever to grow it out and fix it.
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  • JessicurlJessicurl Registered Users Posts: 401
    OMG, I had a horrible razor cut too! It took TWO stylists (in the same salon) TWO haircuts to fix the damage that the razor cut caused. It cost me a good 6 inches in length too. It made my hair fly away too, and made the curls looser. So frizzy too. Just horrible.

    BUT - I have heard other people get great razor cuts - it's all about what you have and what you want. Certain hair types are more likely to like the results, while others (like mine aparently) are more likely to hate it. I think that the results of this poll can help us all narrow it down and figure out who it works for.

    I would say don't do it until you can use some sort of deductive reasoning to guage that it would work for you. This sounds like a job for Laurabeth!! :)
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  • StarlaStarla Registered Users Posts: 31
    I had a razor cut done months ago. While I wouldn't do it again, I really haven't seen any significant damage or frizz.
    I like the unevenness and how it brought out my curls, but I'd rather have it done through point cutting than with a razor.
  • brooklybrookly Registered Users Posts: 32
    I get a razor cut every time. My stylist said that cutting curly hair with a razor has to be done differently as well...most stylists will razor the ends like everyone's hair, but because the end of our hair shaft is open, if they razor, they must razor in the middle on the shaft, not the end. Does that make sense? When they razor at the end, it's just encourages the already open shaft to split open and thus create frizz, fuzz and fly aways.
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  • mrspoppersmrspoppers Registered Users Posts: 7,223 Curl Novice
    I've always heard not to razor cut curly hair. I can attest--the razor cut I had wrecked my hair for almost a year.
  • laurabeth33laurabeth33 Registered Users Posts: 1,443
    I have very agreeable hair, overall. The only razor cut I ever got looked great for 2 weeks. Then for the next two, it looked progressively horrible with flyaways and a lack of any order!

    Now, I occasionally get my hair thinned with thinning shears (not often and not while I'm growing it out). It takes away the bulk without slicing wide open the cuticle.
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  • curlyamycurlyamy Registered Users Posts: 2
    Bad, Bad, Bad idea. Razor cutting had me unwillingly resort to cutting many inches off my hair just to blunt the endsand fix the problem. Thus began the downfall of my long, curly locks. Still recouping from the stress. One day my hair will be to my shoulders again...one day.....
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  • NYCCurlsNYCCurls Registered Users Posts: 1
    I would never event think of getting that done. Razoring is NOT for curly hair. It makes your hair frizzer and harder to deal with.

    When I was a teenager I went to a salon and they used the thinning scissors on my hair and it was a disaster. I felt bald since I'm used to having so much to deal with.

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  • lexi1lexi1 Registered Users Posts: 123
    What about cutting curly hair in Bob. Good or Bad?
  • HilarydHilaryd Registered Users Posts: 1
    I personally tried to razor cut my hair by myself with an actual razor (for shaving your legs, I KNOW, STUPID haha) I saw girls on youtube(with straight hair -_-) do it so I thought I knew what I was doing. Three years later I am still trying to grow it all out. I razored up to the top of my scalp and it completely thinned out my hair and made it look like hell. Today my hair is pretty and thick down to my shoulders but the rest is gnarly and gross. I don't want to cut it because then I'd have an afro. It's very, very frustrating. I can't wait till my hair grows out enough so I can chop it all off! It is the one regret I have in my life and to this day I am still waiting for my hair to look normal. I know getting it done professionally is different than doing it yourself with the wrong tool, but honestly just don't do it.
  • MojoDojoMojoDojo Registered Users Posts: 702 Curl Neophyte
    A stylist did that to my hair when I was in University. Took almost a year to grow out! It gave me really bad frizz, and just made my hair appear.... bad. Haha, for lack of a better term. The curls were looser, fuzzier, had bad shape... nuh uh. Never again!


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