How to care for relaxed African American hair?

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Hello. I watch a 10 yo African American girl a weekend every month or 2. Sometimes she comes with braids but the last 2 times she has come without braids and has her hair relaxed. It is straight but still kinky and difficult to comb. She has a lot of breakage and it looks and feels very dry. She doesn't seem to know how to care for it and I don't either. I spoke with her foster mom and she doesn't really know what to do either. Any suggestions for some products to get her:

Any help would be appreciated. Would love to be able to get some products from target or walmart. My hair is only 2-C.
2c/3a wavy/curly, normal density and porosity, medium to fine texture, likes protein

Modified curly (new so still experimenting!):
Low-poo: Giovanni TTT or 50:50
CoWash: Sauve Naturals Coconut
Conditioners: AO GBP, Desert Essence Grape, Natures Gate Asian Pear
Products: HE TT mousse and gel (alternate and mix)

Hair likes: protein
Hair dislikes: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

(use to be full blown 3a and now only have a little 3a-damn hormones!)


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    I'd honestly take her to a salon where they could do her hair AND educate you and/or foster mom. Her relaxed hair sounds relaxed and that's it. You still need to blow dry and flat iron relaxed hair to get it smooth.
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