Sticky/Snarly hair...

I have been having a hell of a time with my hair for the past few months. Usually, I don't see issues until May (when the weather is warmer and hair hates it) but it's earlier this year and different. In the winter, I use Deva Ultra Defining Gel over B'Leave In. Everything is great for the most part. My hair is considerably longer than it has been since going CG (and grayer) so I am not sure if this is part of it, though, it doesn't seem like it would be. Summers I've always struggled, but this year, I have a sticky/snarly issue on top of things. My hair is nice and soft, smooth, when I rinse out the conditioner (DermOrganic Daily). I apply product as normal and sit under the dryer (as normal). I do NOT completely dry, though, because of frizz, flatness, etc. My hair lately has been top heavy (I am guessing because of the length) but it is just not free flowing/bouncy, either (even after completely dry). I can't run my fingers through it without them getting stuck. I get a crunch type of thing that won't crunch's not even a crunch, but a cast that I never had issues with's sticky and snarly now, too. I've tried changing product. Re:Coil makes me greasy. B'Leave in in the summer makes me greasy. Even Jessicurl Spiralicious makes me greasy and has ZERO hold, though, it made me bouncy at first (then went flat and greasy). Deva Ultra Defining Gel is not strong enough. In the past, the Kinky Curly Knot Today has also made me greasy.

The hair test in water leaves my hair floating on top (though, I do sometimes find hair that feels like easter grass). I surely don't have fine hair by any means, though. I am all over the board on curl pattern starting at maybe a 2b up to a 3a. My hair changes the patterns when it feels like it. Second day hair, etc is not even an hair requires a complete redo each day unless I decide to put it up.

BUT, anyway..... this sticky not free flowing thing is driving me CRAZY. My hair hates moisture so I expect those issues in the summer, but the other stuff I am at a loss for. Any insight???
--Low porosity, hates too much moisture
--Cleanser: KCCC
--Condish: DermOrganic
--Fillers: Bleave-in (only in winter) haven't found one
for summer!
--Sealers: BSRHG

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