I frequently use sulfates and silicones - is that bad?

Hi All,

I tried CG a couple times a few years ago and it didn't make my hair worse, but it didn't make it any better either. I tried it for about 6 months I would say.

Now, I have been using sulfates and silicones everyday. I know this is terrible but I use a suave sulfate shampoo everyday! Then, I use Aussie or Herbal Essences conditioner with silicones. To style, I use a garnier fructis leave in with silicones and a suave mousse with silicones. I do this everyday and my hair is soft, bouncy, and moisturized. At least it appears so. My hair does not feel dry or damaged; it feels and looks healthy. I do get some frizz but not a lot.

My question is - is it so bad that I use all of these damaging products?! My hair seems healthy to me and sulfates and silicones work just fine for me. But I feel guilty for not doing CG or using more natural products because I'm afraid my hair could be unhealthy without me realizing. Should I switch to CG even if my hair seems healthy?

Also - Will using sulfates/silicones slow down hair growth? I really want my hair to grow longer.

Thank you!!

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