Demi perm to tone? SOS meeting the parents with yellow hair

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Hello everyone!

My natural color is about a 5 and I used ion 9.2V with 20vol which made my hair about a 7/8 blond but it really has yellow tones. I usually do this and I don't mind the color (I don't think it's light enough to tone because I haven't gotten them to work) but my new roots are especially yellow and I am going to meet my boyfriends parents. I bought Demi perminant Wella 9/16 and tested a strip with 20 developer but I didn't dye my roots (the problem) and I barely noticed a difference.

How do I get my roots to dye (fresh shampoo didn't work)? 20 or 10 volume developer? Any suggestions to tone? My hair is very long and I struggle with dryness so I don't want to bleach!


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    I'm not sure which ion product you used exactly, I'm thinking it's one of the hi lift ones which is basically bleach, perhaps a bit milder.
    I don't have much of an answer for you other than telling you that roots sometimes refuse to tone. You're not the only one, my roots will not take color after bleaching. It usually takes 2 weeks for them to accept color.
    10 volume is deposit only, no lift. So I suggest sticking with that, but always follow the manufacturer's specification.
    If the yellow is true yellow, you could try purple shampoo/ purple dye diluted heavily in conditioner. But try a hidden strand first! I would try it on dry hair to see. Preferably on a couple of hidden sections. I've had horrible luck on purple shampoo so do beware. Purple hair and yellow roots is definitely not what you want which I why I suggest doing it on dry or at least damp hair rather than slathering it on in the shower. That way you are making sure only to get the roots.
    Now the direction I would consider taking. It's probably not as bad as you think. I thought my hair was bad yellow before a family dinner, so I slathered on purple shampoo and ended up with the aforementioned look you want to avoid. Now as bad as I thought the grayish purple and yellow roots looked, no one even noticed. I even complained about it at one point to try to say this was an accident, I am not crazy. And someone said, "oh yeah it kind of is silvery" not even noticing the yellow roots. We're our worst critics especially when we're trying to impress people.
    If you're seriously unhappy and have the time, I would visit a stylist who may have a trick to tone stubborn roots. Best of luck!
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    I understand you want to look your best!

    Keep in mind that unless they are some sort of psycho image-crazed people, they'll probably be more concerned with your manners and how you treat them, rather than your hair roots. Physical appearance wears off very quickly, personality is forever.

    (And if they are some sort of psycho image-crazed might want to run the other way. :) )

    Hope it goes well!

    PS Good luck dyeing your roots

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