Molasses on Scalp: Tender Scalp

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Hi Ladies,

So I decided to do a pre-poo scalp with massage using blackstrap molasses. I put plastic cap then for about half hour or so. When rinsed and used my regular cleanser from the Morrocco Method line. I also started taking blackstrap molasses consistently to aid in my iron and magnesium deficiency. I mix a little apple cider vinegar with 1 tbs molasses for better absorption. My hair felt great after and I have noticed a diminish in shedding as with low iron you know it causes more shedding. But I've noticed my scalp feels tender and sore! Moreso a weird feeling. I tried gentle scalp massage with grapeseed oil but I'm still feeling it. I've had my hair in loose pony tales but now resorting to leaving my hair down to see if that is the issue.

Anyone else experience this?
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