HHHEEEEELLLPPP!! Pics included!

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First, I need help determining my hair type. 2A? 2B? What do you think?





Next, I need help making it look not so stringy. I don't like all the little curls, I'd love to have bigger more defined curls. Here's what I did to get this adorable ( :roll: ) look:

Washed with a little Jessicurl GLS

Condition with Loreal provive conditioner for curly/wavy hair, rinsed it out completely

Spritzed with Aussie Dual Personality spray gel/leave in conditioner while dripping wet. Used a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute (I think this is where I went wrong).

Scrunched with a hand towel to get out excess water.

Scrunched in Garnier Fructis curl shaping spray gel, plopped with a hooded baby towel while I got dressed and bathed the kids (about 20 minutes). I made sure that the non-terry cloth side was against my hair. It's more like a t-shirt instead of a normal towel.

Then I scrunched in Pantene Pro-V curl defining scrunching gel and let it air dry for a couple of hours. Then I bent over from my hips and shook/scrunched out what little crispiness there was.

Any ideas of why it's so stringy and--poofy? Maybe it's the length?

Thanks so much for your help! I *think* I've almost got my routine straigtened out! :)
~Melanie~ 2B/C depending on my hair's mood
Trying to find a routine my hair likes!


  • teela1978teela1978 Registered Users Posts: 278
    I personally think your hair looks 2c, but that's usually a tough one to figure out :) For chunkier curls you definitely don't want to comb in anything except maybe conditioner while you're in the shower before you rinse it out and add your gel to sopping wet hair (yes, it wastes gel).

    Also, I wouldn't plop for so long. I'm 2bish with fine hair and if I plop for more than 10 minutes or so it's just wrong. Not sure what exactly happens from that extended plop, but 5 minutes seems to do it for me. It kinda seems like a lot of product too, leave in condish/gel plus a 2nd gel... maybe cut it down to just one at a time? I have issues if I use too much.

    Good luck!
    Fine Wavy (2a)
    Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
  • newcurlygrlnewcurlygrl Registered Users Posts: 129
    Thanks for the advice! I'm really starting to think that combing AFTER I rinsed was where I went wrong. :oops: I intended to plop for 5-10 minutes, but got sidetracked by the kids and then realized my hair was still up! LOL I think that contributed to the poofiness of it. :?

    I think I'm a 2c as well, maybe even a 3??? Dare I dream?! LOL But there are some definite spirals, especially underneath my messy crown, kind of behind my ears.
    ~Melanie~ 2B/C depending on my hair's mood
    Trying to find a routine my hair likes!
  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Registered Users Posts: 4,306
    Huh, I would have thought 2b, but maybe I'm underestimating my own curl type and therefore everyone else's. I can see a spiral in one pic, close to your face, so I'll assume there are more (eta: duh, you just said there were! :roll: )...um, 2b/3a
    OMG, LOOK!!

    ...It's a siggie. :shock:
  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Registered Users Posts: 300
    I'd say you are pretty close to me in hair type and I say I'm 2C. LOL! Do you get those big curls from time to time? I get these huge spirals on the sides and tiny curls around my face, but only on the second Thursday of the month and only if it's raining and only if look at it JUST right... well that is an exageration, but you get the idea. Waves are fickle things. My siggy picture is my normal day without the diffuser.

    I'd say simplify. My current routine is conditioner on the length, shampoo the top and rinse all, then condition again and rinse lightly. While in the shower I flip my hair over and scrunch a dime sized amount of jojoba oil then a pingpong ball size amount of Aussie Gel. I towel it off so I don't drip.... and then I DON'T touch it! I get the best definition and soft wave/curls that way. HTH!
  • newcurlygrlnewcurlygrl Registered Users Posts: 129
    Yes, I DO get those huge spirals from time to time. The moon has to be just right and I have to stand on one foot and tilt my head to the side to see it but it's there!! :P LOL

    Thanks for your tips. This morning I didn't comb after I got out of the shower (but I did while in there and it had condish in it). I just sprayed GN curl shaping spray gel while it was dripping wet, scrunched it with a hand towel a couple of times and then plopped for about 5 minutes. Then I scrunched in a little pantene pro-v curl defining scrunching gel (I'm really loving that stuff, it's not crispy at all!!) and right now I'm letting it air dry. I plan on diffusing it after a couple of hours to see what that does. I'll post pics!!

    If this doesn't work I think I might be narrowing down the problem. My crown is really awful. It's like it's dry and just uncooperative. That's the only way I can describe it. But if I leave a little condish in (right now I'm rinsing it all out) my hair looks greasy. When I bend over to scrunch/plop/whatever it's all stringy and gross. It's that hair that's right in front of your face when you bend over. Any ideas for that? I'm thinking that maybe sleeping on it is not helping and maybe I should pineapple it at night?
    ~Melanie~ 2B/C depending on my hair's mood
    Trying to find a routine my hair likes!
  • newcurlygrlnewcurlygrl Registered Users Posts: 129
    Ok, here's what it looks like now. :? (btw, is it ok to post pictures? I have a photobucket album and I can't figure out how to lock it with a password, which is why I'm posting them. Please let me know if it's against the rules or anything! :) )

    Side view (it seems straighter than it did yesterday....)


    Other side




    *sigh* It's...weird...today. :? I tried diffusing and it didn't change it AT ALL. I got my Jessicurls styling products today, so I'll try that tomorrow.
    ~Melanie~ 2B/C depending on my hair's mood
    Trying to find a routine my hair likes!

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