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Hey so my hair is like straight naturally for the first time in life. I need help

MarleyWarleyMarleyWarley Posts: 1Registered Users
I love it... I should of done this years ago...

Instead I used a box perm and after perming it a few times I lost all my hair and had to shave it off and I grew my hair naturally over the last few years... My friend and I straightened it all on friday. Days prior. I straightened most of it but it was hard to get to my roots and my hair was really tangled. Now my hair doesn't tangle or break anymore or anything. Maybe cuz I used deep treatment masque on friday before I finished straightening it. My friend was able to get to the roots and edges. I'm satisfied with the results. I have a full head of hair and i either want to keep my hair straight or rock it poofy some days and straighten it 2-3 times a week. What do you think? What would help. I want to keep my hair straight and keep it long. BTW my hair is like 4c hair and usually shrinks in the shower back to a small afro. I don't want to shrink it and have to do this again but I want to have a routine. Here are a few pics...

This is after straightening it but before I fixed the roots
/home/leaving?target=https%3A%2F%2Fscontent.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fv%2Ft31.0-0%2Fp526x296%2F18320918_1355457514532768_8000122553346583254_o.jpg%3Foh%3Da5e827a005d68718066a6eb12a1d9bad%26amp%3Boe%3D59A799A9" class="Popup

This is after. The only reason my hair is frizzy in these 2 pics is I took these pics a day after my roots down was completele straightened. My hair is sleek straight when its all done and there are no tangles, my hair has not had any breakage for days ever since friday. The other days there was only breakage because I have ancient tangles from leaving my hair in a bun under my wigs. But now my hair is loose. It don't tangle. It's free, it frizzes but has a lot of body and everyone loves my hair.

/home/leaving?target=https%3A%2F%2Fscontent.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fv%2Ft31.0-0%2Fp526x296%2F18449555_1360668054011714_5619998274024658364_o.jpg%3Foh%3Df3b2216e5ecc8fe11774e39f40e9cbda%26amp%3Boe%3D597A8CF6" class="Popup

also here is my facebook if that helps...

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