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The money is in the products, not this board. But, by letting this site die, has it occurred to you that sales might die too?

I bought products only under one circumstance; when someone with awesome looking hair posted a pic and gushed about the results they got with said product. Without this site I would never have purchased any products. You may have a decent crop of people now, but what happens when the newbies here can't get help for their hair and their threads don't get answered? They'll turn away from CG and never become customers.

How many of you other posters on here also stopped buying products or trying new ones now that this message board no longer functions?

Edit: I tried to include a poll with this thread, to ask how many people aren't trying new products/shopping for as many products now that this board is down. But poll functionality is down, probably for good. I guess the people running this site don't want to know if their sales will hurt or don't care. :(

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  • ttoosdayttoosday Posts: 509Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Totally agree with everything you just said. The way this site functions is a disgrace and I don't know how anyone would think a dead site could drive sales. And that shouldn't even be the motivation but it clearly is and that really disappoints me. A 5 year old could tell you it's not a good strategy to try to get sales on a dying website.
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    I feel especially bad for the newbies who have come to the board to get help. There's hardly anyone on here to help them out. I know that if I were in that situation, that would certainly sour me on the idea of buying from CurlMart. Why would I want to do business with someone who doesn't seem to take care of its forum members?
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    EVERY purchase I have made was due to forum discussions. I have also stopped purchasing. If the forum functionality returns, I will reconsider that decision.
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    I agree 100% with the previous posters in this thread!

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