Hair journey thoughts….

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Hair journey thoughts….
Often times along my hair journey, I look back to see how I’ve taken care of my hair and how to do things better. I am in awe sometimes, of how my attitude has changed towards my hair for the better. And every time I do a health check of my hair , I am always shocked at how I don’t have split ends and my how my hair is hydrated, shiny and has grown.

As a child with some 1c mostly 2c-3b hair I would dread wash day because it hurt. Back then they did not make products for people with multiple textured hair that had curly hair. Products that had slip where not available, special detangling combs were not available, so wash day hurt because my very tangled hair was difficult to untangle. I begged my parent to cut my hair. I went from mid-back length hair as a child to chin length and that suit me just fine. As an adult, I would not condition or do anything that would cause my hair to tangle and the result was more breakage of my hair.

Flash forward to today. Because of the internet, I have learned from other curlies how to care for my hair….so …I look forward to wash day/co-wash day. Now and I become euphoric…I really do…I’m smiling right now as I look forward to it. The reason being is because the women and men on the internet have been generous about sharing what works for them, and its worked for me and now I have healthy, long hair and I’m not only ok with it, but now I’m open to allowing my hair to grow. Because of the generosity of knowledge of the people on the internet and my Holy Grail products improve the manner which I care for my tangled hair and thus improve my ability to welcome wash/ co-wash day and the quality of life for my hair.

People actually stop me wherever I am and ask me if my hair is real or a human hair wig and some stop me to ask how I get my hair to look like it does or they will ask me for the names of the products that I use. I always answer and give them hope, because last year I had the same questions and five months into the year , my hair is now healthy and that may seem like a short period of time, but when you factor in that I’m going to be 52 years old…I have been taking good care of my hair for only 5 months out of my 52 years…its not a long time. But its also testament that LOC process, pre-pooing, sleeping with hair covered, protective styles, really do work. I just did not know how to care for my hair and it took a lot of pain of tangled hair and hair breakage for me to look for answers.

What is your Hair journey story and what brought you to your current hair care process?

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