Need Some Help W/Refresh and Wash Day

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As Therese suggested I gave up products with protein cause it's suspected my hair is over moisturized by protein. What I did 3 days ago was clarified my hair and conditioned with GVP Conditioning Balm. I rinsed all the Balm out. I'm kind of apprehensive and careful using GVP cause it's very moisturizing and don't want to over condition my hair. Initially my hair felt too soft, possibly cause of still having protein in my hair. But 2nd day hair started to get better.

So far with refreshing I've been using 100% water from my spritz bottle and some Deva Styling Whip. My hair has been getting better but still more on the puffy frizzy side with no definition. I'm OK with this for now as it doesn't look that bad.

This morning I felt my hair needed some moisture cause it was on the dry side but didn't apply any conditioner cause like I said I'm apprehensive. All I did was water and Styling Whip. It's starting to look a little straggly and more frizzy so my hair needs something. Since I'm staying away from protein it's not going to be protein which means does my hair need moisture or should I just bare with this for another week or so? Maybe the GVP Conditioning Balm is so moisturizing it's providing me with enough moisture so far and the water re-activates it but not sure. First day hair is soft then it gets better as the days go on.

When Friday comes and it's time to cleanse my hair as of right now I don't have a protein free poo. Should I clarify again? If not can anyone recommend a protein free poo? I prefer something without glycerin but since it will be rinsed out I'm OK with that. Also can anyone recommend a protein free and glycerin free conditioner that's less moisturizing than GVP Conditioning Balm? Maybe my hair reacts to conditioners not so good on first day hair. Glycerin products when leaving in make my hair funky looking.


Here's some pics. It's getting there....

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