Curls fall flat by the end of the day -__-

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Whenever I style my hair for a wash n go my curls never make it through the first day. By the end of the day most of my hair falls completely straight or just the ends will be curly. :(

I am African American and I believe my curls are 3b.
The curls in the back are beautiful and super defined. The front and a lot of areas on the side and middle of my head aren't as defined due or don't curl at all due to heat damage. My hair is thick as well..
Maybe I need a gel or cream with a really strong hold? I really don't know much about wearing my hair naturally. PLEASE HELP


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    Such gorgeous hair. When you have damaged hair it can use both protein and deep treatments. However it will never curl like undamaged hair; it just has to be grown out. If curling and then falling out, then yes something with stronger hold can help (though for me this is also a sign my hair needs more protein). Creams typically don't have strong hold but gels can. Personally I've had luck with an all natural hairspray, but that's likely because my hair is fine. Thick hair seems to do quite well with gels.

    Super baby fine hair, low porosity
    Shampoos: SM Fruit Fusion (mostly), Avalon lemon (to clarify). Occasional aloe vera and glycerin to wash.
    Stylers: Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hairspray
    Treatments: Catnip tea, IA girl's PT, Fermented Rice Water, Catnip Tea, Amla tea, Irish Moss, SS PT

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