Hi from Aus!

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Hello! I'm a NaturallyCurly fan hailing from Melb, Australia :)

I have 2c hair that's oscillated between 2b-3a throughout my life. I haven't discerned a pattern yet, as I've only just started taking care of my hair as it is. For most of my life I've cut my hair super short! Pixie cuts were my thing. Just because I thought my hair was 'ugly' otherwise. I used to brush out my hair, which made it a dense poofy triangle for the most part; hence why I always cut it.

I was so happy to find NaturallyCurly and the CG method. I am super stoked to see that my poofy frizz is actually hiding a bunch of cute wurls, and curls! I'm now excited to grow my hair long for the first time in my life :D

I've included a pic of my 2nd day curls, below. I have more, smaller individual curls after a wash, but they tend to relax and clump together by second day. I prefer having more, smaller curls though! :(

Any tips or advice is much appreciated! :angel9:


2c / low porosity / fine / medium-high density

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