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Chemical Allergies

LKahmilLKahmil Posts: 239Registered Users
I recently found out that I'm allergic to Phenoxyethanol which is in a lot of various products. My scalp is a mess and my ears are swollen from the allergic reaction. Does anyone have any recommendations on products I could use moving forward and ways to heal my scalp?


  • WavyKfromNJWavyKfromNJ Posts: 192Registered Users Curl Novice
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  • naturecatnaturecat Posts: 1,986Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Sweet Curls Elixirs will hand make products for you and use food grade preservatives if specified. Aubrey Organics (though it was recently bought out) I think is still phenoxyethanol free. Shea Moisture too I believe. Jessicurl had other preservatives which irritated me, but not phenoxy. Kinky Curly has it in some, but not all, if their products. I think their KCCC is free of it.

    Aloe vera can be great for the scalp/skin, very soothing. You can buy the plant and put the gel on your scalp, or in the blender to make a liquid. You can get it store bought, but then make sure it's food grade. Otherwise it'll have certainly have the preservative you're sensitive to. You can try some raw honey as well, though that would be messy, but maybe for isolated spots of irritation. Do a patch skin test with whatever you use first; when your skin is irritated it can be hypersensitive to everything.

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  • bomegabomega Posts: 285Registered Users Curl Novice
    Eco Sevi and Raw Curls are a couple of brands that don't use Phenoxyethanol. (But if you decide to try one of them, be sure to email them first to make sure.)
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