Type 3b/3c Mixture Guidance!

davanandavanan Posts: 1Registered Users
Firstly, I'm a guy. I've grown my hair for 3 years now and I've just realised it's a mixture of Type 3b/3c:

3b = Curls are a mixture of loose and tight S's
3c = Very voluminous and thick (grows outwards not downwards)
I'm like so not sure what products to use for it since it's mixed (I've tried loads) but I'd say my conditioning game is on fleek!


  • Klainer721Klainer721 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi! I'm also a have 3b/3c hair. I'm a huge Shea moisture fan. The product that works best on my hair from them in the Curl and Style Milk from the coconut and hibiscus line. It defines my curls and smells great! You might now like it if you want a SUPER masculine scent though. Hope this helps :)