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Hi all! I had an account before but forgot my info. This site got me thru my transition. I've been natural now since 2005. I had accomplished my goal of long hair that always alluded me thru my years of relaxing and blow frying (go figure) I had tons of trouble with the long hair with tangles and fairy knots and matting. I lost way too much hair cause I wasn't patient enough. Then I cut my hair in preparation for abdominal surgery knowing I couldn't spend the time standing in the shower every day detangling and if i didn't do that I'd have knots. I liked my short hair it was easy and tangle free with uniform curls but I get again. Now it's layered and about bsl and I'm thinking of cutting again. My hair is fine and too long and it just falls limp. So I'll be reLsearching this site tons to try and make up my mind.


Ps 1 pic is the short hair, 1 is a mid length and the last one is me now. I miss the shorter 2 lengths. 😔

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