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Hey all ! So I have a 4a hair type and I've been natural for a year. I colored, and silk pressed my hair about 6 months ago, which was a BIG mistake. My hair was straight in some areas and I had a looser curl pattern, but it was still manageable and I learned how to blend my straight pieces with my 4a curls.

As of recent my hair has been shedding and breaking, so I decided to go to a natural hair salon for a trim and just hair-education. When I went the stylist cut off about an inch of my hair (which was no big deal; health or length) and then told me that all of the products I used on my hair I needed to "detox" from. That meant products with: coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil (if used on hair alone), eco styler gel. THAT'S HALF OF MY PRODUCTS!
I know coconut oil doesn't work well on my hair, but the other things are my staples. Her rationale was that these products give you a temporary shine and cause you to manipulate your hair more frequently, which makes sense. But now I'm not sure what to use on my hair.
I spent 30 minutes in Sallys reading all the natural hair products only to find out EVERYTHING has shea butter or coconut oil it.
May someone advise me on how to go about finding what works for my hair?

Oh also, 1 day post my salon visit my hair is super frizzy from my flexi-rod set :cry:


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    The way you find out what works for your hair is trial and error. Keep a log to see common ingredients in what doesn't work. Also there are things your hair may dislike by itself but may work fine in some formulations. That's how coconut oil is for me. The ingenious are listed in order of what is most.

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