New 2c - cream then gel? Recommendations please

GusgusGusgus Registered Users Posts: 4
I'm new to the curly community..for most of my life I've been trying to straighten my hair. Using products and then heat.

My hair has been so frizzy that I've recently stopped using heat and on the advice of my hairdresser use curl cream. I was expecting flat, dull hair but instead my hair has sprung into shiny 2c/3a.

I'm terrified that once my hair grows out that it'll become a mess and what I'm going through is due to heat damage.. But for now I'm trying to find a routine that works for me. (Does anyone have any experience of this?)

I have fine, thin, medium porosity hair. It tends to be voluminous and am worried about weighing it down. I'd like to find products that give hold and definition. Currently I've been using bumble and bumble -don't blow dry it. I was thinking about looking for a curl cream and a gel.

Would this combo weigh my hair down? Does anyone have any tips?

Thanks in advance


  • g64w562g64w562 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I often use the cream and gel combo on my thick voluminous hair for the purpose of weighing it down, and it definitely does weigh down the hair but not a ton. I like to use shea butter based cream and then a dollar store gel, and on days i use this combo it definitely cuts down on frizz.

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