As I Am - Horrible Experience!

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Y'all. Ugh.

First off, an intro since I am a newbie: I have naturally red type 3 curls that I recently cut about 6-10 inches off of on a whim. It went from hipbone length (stretched) to armpit length (stretched) and is just past my shoulders unstretched. I have all types of 3's in my hair, with different pieces having different textures.

I recently purchased the As I Am Coils and Curls Care Package with 6 products to try. I bought it for like $25-ish at Walgreens (a bit under $25). On first whiff, the smell was nice, like coconuts.

The other night, I went to cowash with the As I Am coconut cowash and their Hydration Elation intensive conditioner. I got through the cowash and the intensive conditioner....with much difficulty.

Guys, the smell was so bad I started gagging almost immediately and nearly had to get out of the shower to throw up. It smelled like coconut with a faint hint of pickles???? That's not even doing it justice, guys, it smelled HORRIBLE. I rushed to rinse it out and my hair felt simultaneously straw-like and greasy. A bit about me, my scalp hasn't produced natural oils AT ALL since puberty, so my hair NEVER feels greasy and it felt greasy.

It took 4 washes to get the smell out of my hair, 4 deep conditions and my hair STILL hasn't regained all of its softness, and I had to wash my hands over and over with Dawn and still the smell wouldn't come out.

These products have rave reviews everywhere so maybe I got a bad batch? Maybe it's the shea butter???? I'm not sure but the smell wouldn't get out of my nose and everything I smelled afterwards smelled like "it."

I emailed the company and will hopefully receive a refund but ughhhhhh. If you're thinking about using these products, proceed with caution and SMELL IT FIRST.


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    I've used the co-wash before and still use the leave-in conditioner and they smell divine. Almost exactly like candy. So this kind of makes me think you got a bad batch? I mean, products work differently for everyone, but the smell you're describing is entirely the opposite of what I've smelt. Then again, they're different products from the ones I've used, but it'd be super weird if they had one line that smelt like candy and another one like pickles haha
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    I've used the co-wash before, and I don't remember it having a strange scent or a strong scent--and I am pretty sensitive to odors. I returned mine because it made my hair limp, so I don't have a lot of experience with it. But I certainly would have remembered an experience like you had. It sounds to me like it was a bad batch.
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    I just purchased the coco cowash about two weeks ago and love it, and I was encouraged enough to also get the leave in just the other day. I'm with the earlier poster who said it smells divine. I would never describe what I have as anything but heavenly. Must have been a bad batch. Also, I'm leary of buying anything on sale for a huge markdown (don't know if what you got was a sale bundle or if that was regular price) because I figure it's only to move it off the shelf because it's nearing its freshness date or whatever. Maybe it's not so critical with hair products as it is with food but I just don't trust anything that's marked down too cheap. Hope you get a refund cuz that's unacceptable if it made you sick.
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    Yep I'd say you got a bad batch!! I have the same products and they should have a tropical candy-ish scent. Definitely return them.
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