What can I do with my almost 1 year olds hair?

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She's about to hit 11 months and has always had lots of hair that I can't manage. I have thicker 3c to 4a hair, and her hair is still that fine soft slippery baby hair. I thought it would have got more curly by now so I hadn't planned for this.
I tie it up but it just slips out, I braid it and it slips out, whatever I do it slips out.
It also keeps getting dry from her playing or getting food and milk in it, especially on the back where she sleeps on it.
At the moment I use a leave in conditioner and coconut oil and just try to tie it up (and keep re doing it a zillion times a day) if I don't tie it up, it will become a tangled mess within a few hours.

I'm just really stuck with her hair and find the fine slippery texture hard to deal with because I can't just tie it or braid it like I do with my own.
I know I also need to find a way to get more moisture, but don't know what I can use on her hair? Anything too heavy will weigh it down but everything lighter just to get enough moisture in.


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    Hopeful bump
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    My 11 month old has 2c/3a hair (I think... but its definitely curly), also baby fine. It gets super dry and tangled in the back of her head from the car seat or after sleeping at night (or from dragging her head all over the rug!) I usually detangle every morning with a homemade mix that does a decent job and then use a headband or a barrette to the side to keep the hair out of her face. I sometimes detangle again after naps, but not usually. It gets kinda crazy as the day goes on, but eh, she's little and cute. I know my friends with little girls also use those super tiny rubber bands made for baby hair, but I have bad memories of rubber bands so I haven't tried them (they are supposedly non-slip so they don't tangle the hair). When I bathe her, I usually just wash with her conditioner and leave a tiny bit in, scrunch it with a t-shirt instead of rubbing with her towel and put a drop of argan oil, concentrating on that really frizzy dry back spot to seal in the moisture. I don't know if this is helpful at all, but that is what works for us. 

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